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With pome, our team is able to focus on what matters most.

I strongly recommend!

Benjamin Cichostepski, Partner at Orrick Paris Tech Studio

pome is an intuitive platform which enabled me to individualize large number of documents in a few minutes. pome also enables you to adapt them to take into account special characteristics of the documents in the individualization process.

Time and sleep saver, I strongly recommend pome.

Mayeul Lelièvre, Associate

I highly recommend pome. The tool is very helpful and intuitive. I use it to duplicate share transfer forms, tax forms and powers of attorney. It is possible, with the same template, to duplicate different wordings (for instance, a specific wording for physical persons and another one for the companies). Thanks to pome I save a lot of time, the preparation of the closing documentation is facilitated.

Juliette Gilioli, Intern

pome is a great time saver in our daily work, and a life saver during late night closing rushes! The tool is intuitive and can easily be used to edit all sorts of contractual and corporate documents. I highly recommend pome.

Julie Alexander, Paralegal

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Tristan Stérin
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Sam Tazartes
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Alexandre Jouandin
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Sébastien Ohleyer